TV Presenting

TV presenter / TV reporter

Julia Helbich devotes her professional attention to her interview partners in sports and show business. She is in demand for her knowledge of sports, having been an active athlete and having been awarded a scholarship in the US as a young adult in order to play at a professional level. Her open and charming nature successfully engages internationally renowned personalities, and captivates them with her humorous and individualized presentation. She conducts interviews in English and German.

Her exclusive interviews with renowned personalities and stars in sports, entertainment, and news can be viewed on a joint YouTube channel with “motion2media”. Among others, she has interviewed: the German basketball star Dennis Schröder (NBA, Atlanta Hawks), and his ex-trainer and friend Liviu Calin, who discovered Schröder.

TV Moderation Showreel (EN)

TV Moderation Showreel (DE)